News Sources for Southport

Southport has more dedicated news sites than most towns in the country. In the year 2000 Southport gained it’s first daily news site with which became and the offshoot otsnews.

Shown here are the main contributor news sites that post here in Southportnews. website name & link, description, and typically now many news stories a day (as analysed in October 2022) Formed in 2011. Previously known as in 2000 but changed in order to cover all towns in the UK under the Q format. The ‘gb’ domain dropped from domain registry though can still be accessed as Owned and run by Steve Ashcroft who founded in 2000 with Phil Rodwell (since deceased). Also support by Roger Blaxall for Ormskirk & West Lancs and Claire Kelly. 10+ news items a day Formed in 2020 by Tim Johnson who used to post as roving-eye on Qlocal. 5+ news items a day By Andrew Brown for promoting all things good about Southport. 2+ news tiems a day

Southportnews also have other recognised people and organisations who are authorised to post onto the site.

Martin Hovden – ex editor of the Champion

Cassie James – Mighty FM

Secret Sand Land – Southport Historian

Southport Townscape Heritage Project