Advertising Options with Southport News

Now with 20k members here are some options on how we can help you promote your business. In all cases please message Steve Ashcroft or email In all cases paypal or bank transfer payment options and a PDF invoice issued. No VAT.

In October 2023 southportnews had 1,521 new posts, 16,384 comments by members, 56,163 reactions, and millions of views (est 3m to 4m).


A type of editorial to promote your business in a news style format. We can work together on this to ensure the best result. Published at southportnews group and Cost £50. Message Steve Ashcroft or email

One off post at southportnews group

We simply approve your commercial post. Cost £20. Packages available if wishing to post often e.g. at least 5 times in a 12 week period  then just £10 a post –  £50 payable up front.

The above options can also be posted at our sister ormskirknews group if applicable and we will tell you view count after 48 hours of posting.

Pay per view

Pay relative to how many unique views by our members your post gets in 48 hours of posting. As reported by facebook and screenshot will be given. Simply price structure of £10 per full 1,000 views, max £50 even if more than 5,000 views. If less than 1,000 views no charge. 1,900 views would still be £10. These are unique member views as our group is private. Posts cannot be shared to inflate view figures.

Run a competition

Always very popular at southportnews group. Has to be exclusive to our members and a free draw for people to comment to enter. Ideally with need to tag someone to get more coverage. Cost £20.

Weekly posts to rause awareness

Weekly posts to raise your profile to over 20k members. E.g. taxi, wine merchant, estate agent eg property of the week, travel agent, cafes, bars & restaurants, retail, solicitors, financial advisors and many more. Date & time to be agreed for best results for posting.

Cost £50 a month and a valuable inbound link from

SEO links from Qlocal website

The website is well liked by search engines and inbound links from the website to your website can help yours being found higher in search results. We offer a simple non visible link to your website for which ever towns you like. Additionally we can offer several  links to specific pages of your website with specific keywords (eg piano lessons in Southport). We have used these methods for many years to greatly help our own and other businesses. For example some of these techniques rolled out on every town typically generates 200 enquiries a month for a local business. Qlocal gets 5 to 10 new member requests every day from all over the world by people trying to get backlinks – all refused.

In the first instance if this may be of interest email